At Milltons we care about helping patients with chronic conditions to stay healthier for longer.

For 13 years we have been creating non-pharmaceutical solutions to alleviate pain and slow deterioration for patients with chronic conditions. We specialise in finding solutions for painful, often overlooked chronic conditions, where treatments are ineffective, invasive or aggressive.
We focus on:
Specifically for patients with diabetes
And its impact on the Central Nervous System
And its impact on the body
These conditions severely impact a patient’s quality of life, yet the traditional, bureaucratic route to new therapies doesn’t give patients a say in the treatments and research that is progressed into their condition. We don’t believe that a therapy that is improving the quality of life of patients should be prevented, by a drawn-out regulatory process, from helping others around the world.
Too often patients are given little, if any, say in what therapies are being developed for them. They are left waiting on the side-lines while research in carried out and a lengthy R&D process is followed.
We ensure that you, the patient, is at the centre of everything we do. We focus only on discovering and inventing new therapies that work today.

At Milltons we put patients first

Our approach is simple - we ask patients what they need and co-create solutions with them in record time. We spend our time innovating, collaborating and co-creating, rather than puting paperwork before patients.

And we make a difference. We already detect diabetic retinopathy (which can cause blindness for patients with diabetes) a decade before current technologies. More importantly, that’s long before any irreversible damage has been caused.

Too often patients are promised medical advancements that never materialise. Rather than sit on the side-lines, as therapies slowly work their way through the regulatory process, we are working with patients side-by-side, to discover and develop therapies that improve their lives today.

We don’t do anything that delays us having a positive impact – so you won’t find us applying for patents or publishing our findings in research journals. We have successfully alleviated pain for hundreds of thousands of patients around the world, because we focus solely on the one thing that matters: improving the lives of people with chronic conditions