The Covid Relief Program is an international charitable research project that aims to examine and reduce the impact of stress and anxiety on health deterioration in chronic conditions.

Finding therapies that work for you

The Covid-19 pandemic is increasing stress and anxiety felt by millions of people around the world. If you have a chronic condition, such as diabetes, this stress increases inflammation and neurodegeneration, which can cause your condition to deteriorate more rapidly. The Covid Relief Program aspires to be the first online, international study focused on giving you the big picture of how stress and anxiety can affect your health. Our mission is to help you find therapies that work for you, and ultimately keep you healthier for longer.
Your contribution will help to detect inflammation and neurodegeneration much earlier and to reduce them before they lead to deterioration and irreversible damage. This is the largest international research effort of its kind (that we know of), and is designed to give you greater information and control over your chronic condition. By being part of this research community, you can reduce the impact that additional stress and anxiety has on your health and ensure that your voice as a patient is heard.

How it works

Provide a little information about your chronic condition.
Access a series of medical checks and eye tests to monitor and track the current state or deterioration of your condition.
Based on our findings, and the patient community´s wishes, we will offer earlier detection and prevention therapies for you to try. Test again to measure their effectiveness.
View your results in real-time and build a life-long record of your progress. Share with your doctor or researchers to help switch from current late detection and invasive treatment to early detection and prevention.

Our background

For over a decade, we have been creating medical solutions for painful life-threatening illnesses. We never patent any of our discoveries and always maintain a patient-centred approach.
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Make your voice heard

The Covid Relief Program is a global platform that aims to examine how to reduce inflammation and neurodegeneration much earlier to slow down health deterioration. The results could alter when and how changes in chronic conditions are detected, and directly influence the research and innovation that is needed to improve how chronic conditions are treated.

By being part of this patient-lead research community, you will have a life-long say on which therapies and research projects are focused on by the science community to help you, and other patients, now, and in future.

We don’t believe that patients should have to wait on the side-lines, while Research & Development (R&D) companies and researchers choose what to focus their efforts on. This is your chance to take control of your health and influence the development of therapies and research.

Join us today and help improve the lives of millions of people with chronic conditions.